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Hey There!

My name is Nik Scott and I empower businesses to build better brands.


Ummmmm. Nik. What does that even mean? 🥴


I'm glad you asked!


In a nutshell, many businesses understand that marketing is a necessary operational function, but few companies adequately invest in their marketing teams enough to substantiate it to be anything more than a support function. In other words, too many businesses miss this part:

Marketing, and in particular branding, is a powerful revenue-generating machine and the backbone to scale your business.  

Too often branding is minimized to the visual identity of the business, how pretty the website is, or whether you have a blue check mark next to your name on Instagram, but it is much more than that.  

I have built my entire career helping businesses leverage their brands as their primary marketing and lead-generation tool.  It’s critical for the audiences I serve to fully grasp that their brand is one, if not the single most valuable asset in their operational portfolio. 

My philosophy around branding is rooted in Experiential Storytelling™. Meaning, I believe branding is a story that actively unfolds, providing your audience with memorable experiences, while converting them across integrated customer touchpoints.

My experience includes leveraging integrated marketing channels such as public relations, email, social media, video, and web to help crystalize your brand and marketing strategy.​

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Businesses can create compelling online brands that naturally and organically convert their audiences


Taking action, unlearning, results, determination, commitment, discipline, and transparent dialogue 


Excuses, broken promises, being put in a box


Traveling, performing karaoke, binge watching reality TV, drinking champagne, watching the sun rise/set, or making memories with my family

Have you ever met someone who had a plan for their life from the time they were 10-years-old and at the age of 37 they'd done exactly what they said they were going to do? 


Well, THAT is not my story! 🫠 


As a matter of fact, when I'm asked how I got to this point in my career, I often respond to the question with a reflective pause as I take a moment to decipher exactly how did I get here.


The truth of the matter is, I didn't choose marketing, marketing chose me.

To answer the question of how did I become an award-winning brand expert, I'd have to take you back to 2008 when a career as a marketer wasn't even a figment of my imagination. 


In 2008, I worked as an accountant at an advertising company. If you know anything about corporate accounting there are a lot of numbers involved, A LOT!  I was good at my job. I got promoted and had begun working toward obtaining both an MBA and CPA.  I was preparing myself to get on track to be someone's controller or CFO.  But there was one problem.

Accounting is not my thing. 😩


So, to make up for the lack of creativity in my day job, when I was off the clock I maintained a blog. It wasn't long before my blog gained traction but as shiny object syndrome would have it, something else piqued my interest.


A new video platform called YouTube.

I created an account and started experimenting.  I was hooked!  After about two years, I traded my blog for a YouTube channel and learned everything there was to learn about video. What I didn't know, is that while I was busy teaching myself how to use Final Cut Pro X and publishing books, I was also teaching myself how to build a brand, manage social media, craft messages, develop content strategy, engage an audience, create meaningful online experiences, and tell stories.

Fast forward to 2014, I applied for a job as a social media coordinator.  While I had no formal experience, I was hired into the position because I had a documented body of work and proof of my results right on the Internet readily available for anyone to find.

My work in social media gave me the insight I needed to see just how powerful marketing can be.  This work enabled me to see, just like accounting, marketing touches every facet of the business.

I entered a whole new world.  A world that was exciting. A world that (like accounting) provides the space for me to solve problems.  A world  where I can take everything I've learned from my dynamic experience and use it to impact businesses. 

With all that said, I invite you to spend some time on my website to learn more about me, my work, and the results I can help your business achieve 🥂 

© 2023 by NIK SCOTT

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