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3 reasons you need to STOP using Linktree on Instagram!!!

First of all, let me explain what Linktree is.

In a nutshell, Linktree is a landing page where you can put all of your links in one place. So, let's say you have a website, a blog, a podcast, books, a YouTube channel and apparel that you want to link to in your Instagram bio. Well, Instagram only allows space for ONE clickable link on your profile so if you wanted to link to all of those, most people choose to put them all on a Linktree. (The name is quite genius when I think about it, though...) The Linktree page allows you to use ONE like in your bio that takes users to one page.

I first noticed Linktree links in the bios of people I follow on Instagram a few years ago. It was mainly popular with small business owners and entrepreneurs. I've always felt that my website was a central enough location to connect to all things Nik Scott, so I never really thought much about using a Linktree, until recently.

With the expansion of my personal brand offerings and the continued focus of my team to automate our work, I started looking more closely at Linktree. I have a free masterclass, an online store, a newsletter and a blog that I want users who come across my Instagram page to know about. However, as a personal brand expert, when I started to look more closely at Linktree something in my spirit just didn't sit right.

1. Linktree goes COMPLETELY against all things personal branding

One of the first things I teach anyone looking to elevate their personal brand and heighten their online influence is to get a website with their name— The main reason is, if you are promoting yourself, your business, your events, your expertise, etc. there is no better way to position you to do it than your own website. And while Linktree gives you the option to "personalize" your link, it really doesn't allow for customization (unless you pay for it). So, every time someone sees your Linktree link in your bio, the first thing they see is LINKTREE, not you. (Unless you pay for it!)

On top of that, the theme choices are limited (unless you pay for it). I found it difficult to find a color scheme that matched my brand identity.

2. Linktree gets all YOUR web traffic

This was the biggest reason I chose not to use Linktree. Once I really thought about it, I decided directing traffic to MY website is more important to my brand and my business. If I chose to put a Linktree in my bio, every time someone clicks the link, Linktree is getting all that traffic. (Again, a great idea! Let's create free links/hosting so that millions of users can send their traffic right to our website at NO cost...brilliant I tell ya.)

I'm no SEO expert, but I'm pretty sure the more hits you get to your website the more authority your site gets in search rankings.

3. Not much to analyze

When it comes to analytics and metrics, Linktree is lacking. (Unless you pay for it.) The only metric you are able to see is how many lifetime clicks you've had on your link. But wouldn't it be great to know which links were performing and which one's aren't? 🤔

Plus, there's a nasty rumor that Instagram views Linktree links as spam. Meaning, Instagram can deactivate your Linktree link at any given time and without notice. I don't know if it's true or not. It's just what I heard...

At this point you're probably wondering what to use instead of Linktree? Number one, DO NOT GO TO ANOTHER LINKTREE TYPE SITE!!! Just don't do it.

Instead. Create your own landing page on your own website. This is what I've done. This way, I have complete control over my landing page, and I preserve the integrity of my personal brand.

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