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3 ways email helps to build your brand

Ahhhhh....the email list. For me, it's been that thing that just when I think it's useless, here come 1,948,247 reasons why it's not. Lately, I've been hearing phrases like, "the fortune is in the follow-up..." And the amount of email that I get from, has to be evidence there's fortune in those follow-up emails, right? I mean, why else would they send so darn many?

Outside of fortune, however, your email strategy can help build your brand. How? I'm glad you asked...

1. Email can helps prove your expertise

That's right! The way you compose your emails and use them to highlight the things that you're working on can add to your equity as an expert. If you have a new book coming out, if you've spoken on a panel, if you have a new product launching -- mention it in your email. But, don't just tell people about all the things you're doing, show them! Email platforms these days easily allow for a ton of customization, including adding links, videos and images to the body of your messages.

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2. Email helps build relationships with your audience

Email makes it easy for you to keep in touch with your audience. Every service I've used (the whole two I've tried 😂) allow you to build and schedule your emails. This makes it convenient for your to write your email when you have the time, set the date for it to send, and go on about your business. Scheduling email also helps to ensure that your customers and prospects don't forget about you. It's easy to get lost in the digital noise, but if you stay top of mind, chances are when that prospect is ready to make a decision, they will call you -- if they remember you!

3. Email helps you own your story

Whether you're a big brand or a solopreneur, you (directly or indirectly) create the content in your emails. Every word you type in your email, every photo you use, every video you display, every link you drop in -- you drive it all. This allows you to tell your story, reinforce who you are and emphasize what you stand for. This is very valuable real estate for you and your brand.


Among many other things, email is great for proving your expertise, making personal connections with your audience and owning your story. Before you go all in with email however, decide how you will make your emails valuable to your audiences. How are you going to get them to engage? It can't be all about wanting them to buy your products and/or services all the time...well, I guess it can, but think about what kind of relationship you want with your prospects and customers. Take some time to put some thought into how you can build trust with your email strategy and leverage it to further solidify your brand.


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