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5 ways to repurpose live video

There's no doubt about it. Video is the best way to build relationships with your audience, make meaningful connections and grow your credibility both online and offline. But would you believe me if I told you that there is something even better than video? Well, wether you believe me or not, I'm telling you that better than video is LIVE video!

Video is great, don't get me wrong. My entire brand and business has been built on the backbone of video. But, there is something even more authentic, more genuine and more human about live video. You have the ability to go live at any time, in any place and you don't need a bunch of complicated equipment and technology to do it successfully.

It's no coincidence that every major social media platform gives its users the capability to stream live video. Audiences across these sites enjoy the spontaneity of live video and they appreciate the fact that there are no takes or edits! When you leverage live video in your branding strategy you are making yourself and your business accessible. Your audience has the opportunity to react to your content instantly. They can engage with other fans of your brand which inspires a sense of community. Plus, live video is prioritized on social media. Meaning as soon as you hit the live button, all of your followers on whatever platform you're streaming from get notified that you are live!

You see, if you have a solid strategy in place, live video is great and can do wonders for your reach, engagement and following across your social media assets. BUT. There is a common mistake that many people make with live video.

They go live and then let that content get buried (a)live on their timeline.

And as far as I'm concerned, that is just a shame! So, to help rectify this devastating tragedy a bit, I've come up with 5 different ways you can repurpose your live video.

1. Add it to a blog post!

This is byfar the simplest way to repurpose your live video content. If you have a blog, write a post about your live video and let your blog readers (re)live the experience. Here's a post where I did just that.

2. Use it in an email!

Do you have a newsletter? Why not dedicate one of your articles to letting your email audience know how great your last live video event was?

3. Cross promote it across your other social media!

After the live video is over, download the footage and share it on your other social media profiles. Be sure to upload the native file and not simply link to it.

4. Make a promo video!

If you go live on a regular basis, take a few of the best clips and edit them together to promote your live events. Here's one that I did for my private Facebook group.

5. Put it on your website!

If you don't have a blog, hopefully you have a website and your website is another great place for you to repurpose your live videos.

There you have it. Five different -- and effective -- ways for you to breathe new life into your live video events!

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