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BOSS BRANDS: Makisha Boothe

We are kicking the year off with one dynamite, outstanding, unshakable Sistah!

Makisha Boothe is a mother, the Founder fo Sistahpreneurs and most of all a TRUE Harlemite. From working with the Small Business Administration to doing civil rights work in the south, Makisha has done it all. But, it's Makisha's passion for small business has allowed her to grow a loyal tribe of more than 1,400 members in her Facebook group, help 52 startups, assist with more than 30 expansions and secure 22 contracts.

An innovator, entrepreneur and activist, Makisha demonstrates exactly why personal branding is so critical to your success.

Makisha Boothe Sistahpreneurs

Nik Scott: Who are you?

Makisha Boothe: I’m a mother of an 18-year old - I still can’t believe it. I’m an innovator, an entrepreneur, a coach, trainer, speaker, strategist and activist.

Mostly, I’m digging deep and still becoming so much more.

NS: What do you do?

MB: I am a business coach and I run Sistahpreneurs, a business accelerator for Black women businesses to help them shift from bootstrapping solopreneurs to entrepreneurs who have scaled their businesses and created predictable 6-figure revenue.

I create safe spaces for the women in our community to learn, grow, and grapple with the challenges of being a Black woman in business.

NS: Tell us a bit about your journey.

MB: I was raised in Harlem, New York on 130th Street. I’m a Harlemite deep in my soul and will always be no matter where I am.

I’ve owned a day spa, designed and run an innovation lab, traveled the south to do civil rights work with national leaders, worked for the Small Business Administration and various politicians in the Colorado State Capitol. Politics and small business are my jams. No matter what role I’m in, all roads leads back to equity and service for me. It’s what I’m here for.

NS: How has personal branding helped your business and/or career?

MB: Personal branding has been important in building credibility and helpful in setting standards and expectations for me with new leads and business relationships. If your brand communicates your values effectively, then people treat you accordingly from the start.

I’m known for my professionalism and passion, my high standards, my attention to quality and my authenticity. My brand has helped me attract people who value those things as well and actually seek me out for those experiences.

NS: What specific strategies or tactics do you utilize to maintain your personal brand?

MB: I try to make sure my actions and presentation always align with who my brand says I am, and with what I say I’m going to deliver on. If I say professionalism is something I am about, then my dress, my language, my behaviors, my visual brand, my documents should all communicate that. If I say I value accountability then my customer experience should have specific processes and actions that demonstrate that value - like accountability check-in calls or reporting systems and deadlines.

NS: What challenges or obstacles have you faced along the way and how have you overcome them?

MB: Wow. Plenty. I think learning how to balance opportunities for personal growth while deciphering when feedback isn’t coming from a valid, just or fair place has been challenging.

I’ve had to learn how to forgive and look beyond people’s mistakes (including my own) in order to find peace, resolution and forward movement. In that work, I’m learning to separate my mistakes and growth areas as well as my achievements or temporary assignments from who I am - I am so much more.

Also, I’ve heard a lot of no’s from investors, naysayers and nonbelievers. Learning to accept the value of no without letting it stop me, has been important. The no’s have helped me to understand that some doors are closed for my own good, and have made me stronger and more immune to them.

Overall, my internal work is what has gotten me through all challenges and obstacles. It has always come back to me - my relationship with God, my self-inventory, self-discovery and self-care.

NS: What are your secrets to success?

MB: A commitment to discipline and consistency. Understanding that overnight success is like winning the lotto - it can happen, but don’t count on it. Be ready to work.

Unshakable faith. Love and compassion for and service to others. Facing the truth.

NS: Where can we find you online?

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