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Criticism is ESSENTIAL to your business growth

Have you ever felt devastated when someone gave you unexpected (or worse) unsolicited negative feedback?

I know I have!

Sometimes it’s hard to separate someone’s negative feedback (whether you asked for their feedback or not) from the emotional investment you have put into your work.

Figuring out how to NOT to take negative criticism and feedback personally is a skill that I would dare say 99% of entrepreneurs need to take some time to improve upon.

While the majority of entrepreneurs avoid getting negative feedback at all costs, believe it or not, I actually ASK for it.

I ask my clients for their feedback–both positive and negative–because I want to make sure I’m continually challenging myself to deliver the BEST programs, products and services in the WORLD!

Their experience with me, my business and my brand matter to me.

I’m not perfect.

My programs are not perfect.

But I aim for anyone trusting me to help them establish, grow or maintain their personal brand is that they have a world class experience and their feedback (the good and the bad) helps me ensure I deliver that.

I’m not successful unless you are successful.

For me, the negative feedback that I ASK for is an easier pill to swallow than the negative feedback I don’t ask for.

I have learned whether I ask for it or not, and whether they realize it or not, the person giving me negative feedback about any aspect of by business is actually helping me GROW to become a better CEO.

They are helping me stay ahead of others in my niche.

When someone takes time out of their day to give me negative feedback about ANY aspect of my business, they are actually don’t me a favor.

So, I have learned to allow myself to feel the sting for a few minutes. And then actually process what they are saying.

Taking my emotions out of it, I really assess and evaluate what it is they are saying and whether or not they have a valid point.

The best CEOs learn real quick that criticism is a gateway to new ideas and perspectives. It is the prompting you need to start improving yourself, your processes, your business and your brand.

Like me. You are not perfect. Your programs, product, services and processes are not perfect.

Negative feedback can help you identify areas of weakness so that you can develop strategies to overcome them.

Here’s your challenge…

Instead of allowing criticism to devastate you, leaving you all in your feelings, let it be that motivating factor for you to grow beyond your limits, push your capabilities and remind you to always give your BEST.

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