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Done is NOT better than perfect!

Done is better than perfect.

The first time I heard this phrase was in my Facebook group. I was executing a live video and it wasn't running as smoothly as I wanted it to and one of the group members commented:

"Done is better than perfect!"

Once I read it, I thought to myself:

"Yes. Yes it is!"

It didn't take long for me to realize that although the phrase was new to me, many, many, MANY other people had not only heard the phrase, but actually ran their businesses on it.

I get it. Whether it's a product launch or a service offering, many entrepreneurs get stuck in the planning, discovery, revision and/or research phase of their business and never move forward. So, taking that step to get it done and into the world is a major milestone. Getting it done (even though it's not perfect) is an effort that leaves many entrepreneurs feeling accomplished! And who doesn't want to feel accomplished?

Here's the problem I see with embracing the done is better than perfect mantra for your business. It can lead to you putting products and services out to your target audiences that do not reflect your best work, ultimately damaging your brand.

  • I have attended trainings that have misspelled words in multiple slides.

  • I have listened to podcasts with crying babies in the background.

  • I have purchased eBooks with distorted images.

These are just a few examples of why I'm saying done is NOT better than perfect!

Now, I'm not suggesting you should strive for perfection or wait until you have 'X' software or 'X' resource or 'X' equipment to launch product or service. What I am suggesting is that you strive to release your BEST work. Every time!

Think about what kind of impression misspelled words on your training slides leaves your trainees? What about background noise in your podcasts or distorted images in your eBook?

Do these imperfections position you as a credible, trustworthy source for your audience?

What do you think it does to your brand???

Yes. Start. Set a timeline and stick to it. By all means get it DONE.


Make sure the work you are putting out for your target audiences is your very best work. Ensure that it is polished and reflects your business in the best light possible. Do not strive for perfection (there is no such thing). We all make mistakes. Mistakes are forgivable, sloppiness is not.

After all, your brand depends on it!

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