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Empowered women, empower women!

mBolden Denver Lauch Event
Pictured: Arlie Sisson, Shilpi Talwar, Nik Scott, Sandi Mays and Jenny Heddleston

Last week I had the honor of sitting alongside four remarkable women at the launch event for mBolden Denver. The topic of our panel? "How to Build Your Personal Brand: What it takes to stand out in a tough job market." Nearly 50 women showed up eager to hear our thoughts about personal branding. The questions we answered ranged from the obvious like what is a personal brand? to more complex questions like what responsibility do we have as successful women to create awareness of yourself and your brand?

mBolden Denver launch panel
Nearly 50 women filled the office space at WeWork LoHi

Clearly, personal branding is near and dear to my heart. I credit my strong personal brand as the catalyst to my success in both my traditional and entrepreneurial careers. What was so great about this session is it allowed myself and the other panelists to dig into personal branding and how it has helped shape all of our careers as women in tech. Each of us have had different experiences with personal branding but what made this panel even more valuable was the vast amount of diversity represented. Not just the diversity in our ages and ethnicities, but the diversity in our stories and our paths to success in the tech industry.

I'm thrilled to have added my voice to the depth of this panel. This was only the first event for mBolden Denver. If you're in the Denver-metro area, I highly encourage you to attend as many of their future events as possible.


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