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How focused are you REALLY?

Y’all know that I can find lessons about business and branding in the most unlikely places.

I’ve been on hikes and got inspired about business and branding from the terrain, I’ve looked at trees and have been inspired…

Today’s inspiration might be the most unlikely yet.

We have two dogs that during certain times of the year shed a lot. I got tired of the shedding and had been eyeing one of those robot vacuum cleaners for a few months.

My husband went ahead and bought it for me last month.

I wanted it so that I can have my floors vacuumed multiple times per day without me actually having to be the one vacuuming.

While training my new robot vacuum to learn the different rooms of my house, I noticed something.

No matter what was in its way, the vacuum moved forward to find the lay of the room.


That thing has FOCUS, I tell you!

My robot vacuum has ONE job, to clean my floors in whatever room I tell it to. And it is dead seat on accomplishing that job no matter what gets in its way.

That’s how focused I want you to be about your growing your personal brand.

Focus on your outcomes until you reach your goals.

No matter what obstacles come your way, stay determined, stay focused and keep going.

Are you ready to create a personal brand that leads to business success?

Get 101 Ways To Ignite Your Personal Brand!


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