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Nik Scott: Professional Portfolio

Overview Of My Experience

With nearly 15 years of marketing experience straddling the concentrations of social media and video, I've built my career empowering companies to tap deeper into their digital assets by developing strategies and refining tactics that attract top-of-funnel leads. My intention with organic content marketing has always been to accomplish three primary goals:

  1. Develop meaningful connections with audience members on a given platform

  2. Create a community of brand advocates and ambassadors within that platform

  3. Lead consumers of the content down a path to conversion from the platform

In addition to my consulting and speaking work, I've also developed and led social media, content, and integrated strategy within marketing teams, and in more than one case, as the first dedicated social media hire.

Throughout my career, I’ve worked across various company structures including start-ups and legacy institutions leading digital brand strategy for entrepreneurship, fintech, influencer, and higher education industries.

ROI Case Studies


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