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OUT with careers, IN with personal brands

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Last week, I attended a retreat at the University of Denver where the Provost stated:

In 5-10 years we won't be talking about careers. We'll be talking about personal brands.

I was FLOORED, when he said this. As a matter of fact, I thought I misunderstood him until he went on to say why he believed personal branding is important. Essentially, his comments centered around the fact that as professionals and entrepreneurs you have to learn how to leverage your knowledge, skills and abilities to tell your story to stand out to potential employers and clients.

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It was interesting to me that an academic at that level would make this kind of statement, BUT at the same time, it makes complete sense. We are all aware that the days are gone when employees stay with the same company (or industry for that matter) for their entire career. No more is career pathing perfectly laid out for employees when they accept a job offer. Plus, more than ever, people are venturing off and starting their own businesses. Meaning, if you're fully vested in maintaining a competitive edge and not get lost in the noise, you have to learn how to own your story and constantly reinvent yourself.

If you aren't paying attention to, and learning the strategies to build and elevate your brand, how are you going to stand out among thousands of applicants or multiple client RFPs? Obviously, personal branding does not guarantee that you'll land the job or sign the client, but it does position you to, at the very least, be noticed -- and as far as I'm concerned, that's half the battle.

My mission is to help you use social media to elevate your brand and I've developed a suite of FREE resources to honor my commitment. Among them, is my ebook, 6 Steps to Personal Branding with Video. If you're serious about leveraging your knowledge, skills and abilities to tell your story through video, this ebook will help get you in the mindset of what it takes to get started and stay committed to branding with video.

If you haven't already, be sure to download your copy now. It will only be available for a limited time.

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