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SMART goals are holding you back 😩

On the surface goal setting is an ongoing yearly, quarterly, monthly, weekly, daily process.

If you're REALLY about that goal achievement life, you understand that goal setting is much, much deeper than that. It truly is a moment by moment process.

Your goals should stretch you beyond what you thought was possible for YOU.

Your goals should make you feel a little anxious and uncomfortable.

Your goals should be so big that you get excited just by the mere thought of them.

I mean YOUR goals should be SO off the charts that when you tell average people about them they look at you like you are crazy.

Whether you choose to write your goals in a journal, record them on audio, film them on video or paste them on a vision board it doesn’t matter.

What matters more than how you choose to document your goals is the process by which you are setting your goals.

A very well-known framework of setting your goals (whether yearly, quarterly, monthly, weekly or daily) is known as SMART.

Your goals should be Specific, Measurable, Attainable/Achievable, Realistic and Time-based (get it SMART)

I used to be a believer and great ambassador of SMART goals. It was a process that I taught to my own direct reports and even some of my clients.

It was a process by which the my last corporate supervisor had my set my annual goals with every year.

Well, I know been changed.

Because I no longer believe anyone should be setting their goals the SMART way.

Here’s why.

When you set your goals completely following the SMART strategy, you are limiting yourself.

Here’s the thing…SMART goals should really be SMT goals. Because if they are truly SMART you are limiting yourself. You aren’t allowing yourself to dream and you’re placing boundaries on yourself before you even set out to accomplish your goals.

Anything is possible for you, your business and your brand. ANYTHING. Whether it’s ever happened to you or not. Whether someone else has ever done it or not.

What is it that you dream for your brand? Your business? Your lifestyle? Your legacy?

If you have seen it done by someone else, you KNOW it’s possible. You KNOW it’s attainable. You KNOW it’s realistic.

That’s why coaching and mentorship is so valuable.

If you want to start achieving the goals you have set for your personal brand, I’d love to be your coach.

To kick off the last quarter of the year, I have 5 available spots for new clients.

If you’re READY-ready, hop over to my Instagram and message me the word BAG.

Let’s get it!


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