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The Revelation 🎊

Looking back over the past 6 weeks I can’t help but smile 😊

Six weeks ago I kicked off the 2nd Cohort of FABB Public Speaking.

When I started with this cohort I was excited. I was excited for my new clients and the new journey we were about to take together.

Going in, I expected there to be some profound moments. I expected they would CRUSH the program milestones (which they did!). And, I even expected they’d experience discomfort in response to some of the strategies I introduced them to.

What I didn’t expect was how much I would connect with these women. How much these women would push me, motivate and inspire ME!

After all, I’m the coach, right?

Last week we met for the last time. Witnessing the transformation Cohort 2 made was nothing short of amazing.

One cohort member even landed her first speaking engagement before we finished the program!

Knowing the updates my team and I are making to FABB, I can’t help but to feel even more connected to ALL the women that I’ve had the privilege of coaching in the first 2 cohorts.

(Thinking about it 💭 I’m going to start calling them the FABB Founding Members. No more Cohort 1 and Cohort 2.)

As I move forward with my vision to help 288 women with their personal brand, I’m excited to open enrollment for FABB Public Speaking in 9 days.

I will be giving more details soon. Follow me on Instagram to stay looped in.

But for now, please help me congratulate The Revelation (formerly known as Cohort 2) on successfully completing the FABB Public Speaking Accelerator Program!

They are The Revelation because FABB as it’s been for the past 12 weeks will be no more. They are the last. But more than that these women are powerhouses and that is a FACT that will soon be made known. 🚀But more than that these women are powerhouses and that is a FACT that will soon be made known. 🚀


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