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Your personal brand can MAKE YOU RICH!

Whether you believe it or not. Whether you choose to accept it or not. The strength of your personal brand has a direct impact on your earning potential–especially as an entrepreneur.

Lemme back up.

You probably already believe your personal brand has a direct impact on your earning potential. And maybe you’ve even accepted it. And that’s not the problem.

The problem is you don’t quite understand HOW your personal brand impacts your earning potential.

When I talk about personal branding and earning potential, I like to use celebrities as examples because I feel like they make it pretty clear, cut and dry what personal branding is and how it has made them money.

As Jay-Z famously said,

I’m not a businessman. I’m a business, man.

Think about that for a minute.

A businessman is someone who works in at a company.

A business is a company.

So, when you think about your personal brand as YOU being a company, doesn’t it make it a little clearer HOW your personal brand impacts your earning potential?

YOU are a company, just like Nike is a company. Just like Apple is a company. Just like Gucci is a company…

Your personal brand opens the door for opportunities. It builds your network on and offline. Your brand attracts targeted customers to your business and when leveraged it can set you up to raise your rates and get premium pricing.

Your personal brand sets you up to be found by people who can expose you to places you’ve never dreamed of! Magazines, radio, TV, speaking in auditoriums to thousands of people, awards, medals and honors…

all of these things are deposits that not only build your equity, but grow your credibility, solidify your expertise and justify the premium rates you charge.

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