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Campaign: Year In Review


Company: Pie Insurance

Position: Content Marketing Manager

Campaign Role: Develop and lead integrated social media and content strategy; design and direct video creative; write email copy

Deployment Date: January 5, 2023


It had been five-and-a-half years since Pie Insurance was founded. In that short timeframe, Pie had collected quite a few accolades, positioned itself as a notable insurtech company, and completely disrupted the industry. When Pie achieves something extraordinary, the process is to leverage publicity, social media, email, and web assets to amplify the achievements day of, which resulted in short-lived news leaving room for our internal and external stakeholders to forget the great strides that Pie has made.

The same as every year in Pie’s history, 2022 had been a year of great success. But as much success as Pie had that year, many of the stakeholders may have forgotten all that Pie had done. From talent brand recognitions to the historical Series D fundraise, 2022 had been a monumental year for Pie and the end of the year was the perfect time to re-engage audiences, repurpose content, and remind stakeholders about the great year Pie had through taking a trip down memory lane.


Stats at a Glance

Social Channels: Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, Instagram

frozen four blog post.png

Notable Wins

  • CEO mention in January 5th all-hands company meeting

Creative and Content

The concept for this video was to be educational and entertaining in nature in order to attract top-of-funnel prospects and engage them in the Pie ecosystem.

frozen four graphic.png

What We Wanted To Do


Social Media

  • Brand advocacy: To increase our engagement rate on social media from 3-5% to 7% during the week of video release

  • Brand awareness: To obtain 500 video views during the week of video release



  • To achieve a 25% open rate and 3% click rate


Integrated Content/Channels

  • Email


What We Did

  • 10,274 Newsroom story views

  • 53% increase in Newsroom video views

  • 19 media mentions



This was a social media-driven campaign. The team was stretched creatively and it took several iterations of the video before the video was finalized. The response from our audiences was unexpected.



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