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Are you TOO OLD to be an online entrepreneur?

So. I’ve been noticing something…

A lot (and I do mean a LOT) of the millionaire online entrepreneurs are within a certain age group.

Many of them are barely in their 30s and a LARGE amount of them are still in their 20s!

This is interesting because I KNOW there are many, many, MANY online entrepreneurs who are in their 40s (and sometimes 50s+) and ALSO want to hit that million dollar revenue status, BUUUUUT.

The ones that do, are much fewer and further between their younger counterparts.

Why is that?

I can’t know for sure, but I bet it has something to do with the way that the younger online entrepreneurs promote themselves.

Self-promotion isn’t a foreign concept for the younger demographic.

While they might not be seasoned in age (or even life experiences) they are certainly seasoned in the art and science of personal branding (whether they realize it or not).

These young online entrepreneurs have NO problem publicly and shamelessly sharing the attributes that make up their personal brand.

They have ZERO qualms about putting themselves out there as an expert and they aren’t concerned about sharing too many details about their journey.

And why would they be? They’ve grown up watching athletes, entertainers, comedians, musicians actors AND entrepreneurs leverage their personal brands to become millionaires and even BILLIONAIRES. (LeBron James, ALL the Kardashians, Kevin Hart, Rihanna, Issa Rae and my good friend Mark Zuckerberg to name a few…)

While those in my generation, personal branding makes us uncomfortable. We tend to overthink it to the point that it all becomes too confusing to us.

We don’t want to embrace the power of putting ourselves out there and have been misled believe personal branding is all about sharing all your private business on the internet.

We are comfortable where we are at, yet dream of more for ourselves, our businesses, our families and our legacies.

(I say “we” because I’M in my 40s)

Listen, regardless of what your age is, if you want to know what this personal branding thing is all about and how to make it happen for yourself, I invite you to download 101 Ways To Ignite Your Personal Brand.

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