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It's time to change your personal branding MINDSET

I bet you can’t open up your social media without seeing a post about mindset.

The conversation is all over the place.

Everyone from athletes to culinary artists to online business coaches are telling you that you need to shift your mindset.

The idea of shifting your mindset isn’t a new concept. It is said that the most successful people in history were successful because they learned how to master their own minds.

Mindset is so important because as the saying goes:

As a (wo)man thinketh so (s)he becometh.

And this to me speaks directly to your personal brand.

When you look at your personal brand as the TOTALITY of who you are, you cannot overlook the importance of mindset.

So many people say they want a profitable and sustainable personal brand that builds their network and attracts targeted leads and customers to their business.

But few actually put in the mind work it takes to make it happen.

Another way to put it is, watch your thoughts they become your words.

Watch your words they become your actions.

Watch your actions, they become your habits.

Watch your habits, they become your personality.

And when that thought becomes your personality it’s HARD to change it.

AND…a large part of your personal brand IS your personality.

It is your personality that will either attract or repel the folks that will make up your network. It is your personality that will either attract or repel targeted leads and customers.

It is your personality that ultimately becomes the MAGNET that attracts or repels opportunities.

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