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The 1st Annual Sisterhood Empowerment Conference

Yesterday I had the distinct privilege to sit on a panel at the 1st Annual Sisterhood Empowerment Conference hosted by the Cherry Creek School District. This conference brought together more than 50 African-American girls from three of the six Cherry Creek high schools: Eaglecrest, Grandview and the host school, Smoky Hill.

In the past, I have shared with you why I love panels and this one is no different. This panel was made up of six diverse, badass, boss, powerhouse Black women from various industries. We shared with the students our personal experiences in our careers and in our lives. The moderator of the panel, Smoky Hill High School Assistant Principal, Aleshia Armour, challenged us to go deeper with our discussion by asking questions like:

Cherry Creek Schools Sisterhood Empowerment Conference
Pictured: Kimberly Howard, Tammi Terrell Holloway, Nik Scott, Toya J, April Denmon, Elycia Cook

"What was the biggest obstacle you had to overcome when you were in high school?" and "What are your proudest accomplishments both personally and professionally?"

And the students didn't hold back either. These beautiful young women wanted to know how we balance code switching in our careers without becoming too white-washed, how do we overcome adversity and tips on not comparing yourself to others.

Of the many, many, many stages and panels I've been on, this one rises to the top to be one of the best! My co-panelists were dynamic, transparent and eloquent women who I learned a lot from during our brief time together.

I'm grateful I was able to be a part of the great moment for the Cherry Creek School District. Congratulations to the event organizers for such a successful and impactful event 🥂


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