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Why I love panels...

social media day denver panel
Pictured: Nik Scott, Brian Peters, Bailey Birk and Andrea Vahl

As much as I love owning a stage solo, I enjoy sitting on panels just as much. I know that may seem odd, because as a speaker we all want the attention, Tweets and spotlight to only be on us, right? That may be true to a certain extent but there is a lot to be said about sharing the stage with like-minded, highly influential and powerful people!

social media day denver

Over the past two months I've had the privilege to share the stage with some pretty awesome people. Last month I spoke on a personal branding panel at mBolden's launch event and this month on a Facebook marketing panel at Social Media Day Denver. While these panels were different in topic, audience size and location, the things I love about speaking on panels remains consistent.

nik scott personal branding speaker

1. Diverse Perspectives

There is no question that I'm an expert in this field. But I'm wise enough to know that I don't know everything about EVERYTHING! I love that panels offer diverse perspectives and experiences for myself and audience members.

2. Networking

I said it before, and I'll say it again: I've met some really cool people by sitting on panels. And had I not participated in these panels, there's a possibility that our paths would not have crossed.

facebook marketing

3. Less Pressure

Let's face it, with solo speaking engagements comes a lot of pressure! The focus is solely on you -- from mistakes to great things -- it all falls squarely on your shoulders. But on panels, the focus is shared -- from mistakes to great things -- it's a shared experience. Which is a nice change of pace from time to time.

Panels are great for a lot of reasons, but for me, these are absolutely my top three.


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