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Are your freebies damaging your brand?

Have you noticed a shift happening in the online coaching world?

At one point we were given the advice to give as much “free stuff” as possible to our audiences. Free stuff in the way of eBooks, checklists, free trainings, workshops, physical books, discovery calls, etc.

The rationale behind it was that if you impress your audience with the free stuff, they will be more likely to buy your products and services because you’ve set the bar so high with the free stuff psychologically, they will believe the paid stuff is EVEN BETTER.

This isn’t a bad strategy by any means.

Let me clarify—

Providing your audience some value for free as a method to prime them to buy your products and services is a great strategy.

What’s NOT a good strategy is to give as much free stuff as possible to our audiences.

There are some coaches out here where every time you turn around they are giving away something free.

They have 37 different freebies and every other day they are hosting another 5-day challenge.

A small FEW coaches have been able to build solid businesses like this, but the MAJORITY won’t find success this way.

So, there has been a shift in that original advice.

Your audience wants clarity. They want their pain points to be relieved. Your audience needs a clear answer to their question, not an inbox full of freebies that they will never have time to open, let alone implement the strategies that you’ve provided to them.

Think about free samples…companies give you juuuuust enough to give you an idea of what the full product is like. The don’t give you 45 samples 67 different ways in hopes you will FINALLY buy.

The worst thing a client can tell you is they don’t need your services because you’ve already taught them everything they need to know with all of your free stuff.


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