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The TRUTH about your personal brand

I have been seeing a lot of misinformation about personal branding lately.

I see coaches out here advising you that your personal brand is about the way you wear your hair or the color scheme of your graphics or the fonts you use on your website.

While it is true, these are aspects of your brand as a whole, none of these things are your personal brand, especially when it comes to leveraging your personal brand to build a profitable business.

Your personal brand is a widely recognized impression of you based on your experience, expertise, competencies or actions within your industry and your niche.

Now, that’s the surface-level of your personal brand.

Deeper than that, at the core, your personal brand is the RELATIONSHIP your have with your target audience.

What is the experience you give them?

From the time they are introduced to you, what is that experience like?

If your goal is to use your personal brand to position you to get premium prices for your products and services, then you have to show up as a PREMIUM brand.

If you expect your target audience to actually pay your prices, you have to treat them like human beings, not like a transaction.

Remember, at the core your personal brand is a RELATIONSHIP.

Think about it like dating.

Someone first comes across you and they are intrigued. On the surface everything is attractive and well put together. They like your personality and the way you engage them in discussion.

After you’ve been courting them a while, two things can happen:

1. What you did to get them, you’re no longer doing or 2. What you did to get them, you’re continuing to do to keep them and then some

Your personal brand has the ability to transform your business in ways you can’t even imagine. But it starts with YOU. Not just the colors you choose for your logo or the fonts on your website.

How are you leaning into all those aspects of who you are and using them to create unforgettable experiences with your audience?

Are you ready to create a profitable and sustainable personal brand?

Get started by clicking here: to get 101 Ways To Ignite Your Personal Brand.


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