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We are rounding out the year with yet ANOTHER amazing woman!

Erin Cell is more than an entrepreneur and shining example of what personal branding can do for your business and career. She is a visionary. Have you ever heard of Social Media Day Denver? Yeah. She did that.

A real life social media guru, consultant and speaker who truly believes in the power of authenticity and human-to-human connections, Erin is all that you've come to expect from BOSS BRANDS and more!

erin cell socially powered

Nik Scott: Who are you?

Erin Cell: I am a social media strategist, consultant and speaker who is passionate about helping businesses understand the power of social media. I've helped thousands of business owners, entrepreneurs, and executives improve their online presence while saving them time and money.

I've been featured on Entrepreneur on Fire, Solopreneur Hour, and other premier podcasts. I'm also a featured contributor to, the world’s largest online social media publication. As the creator of Social Media Day Denver, I've brought together hundreds of business owners and entrepreneurs to discover how social media can propel their business to new heights.

I speak regularly about the importance of social media and live video for business. I've shared the stage with Kevin Harrington, Joel Comm, Kim Garst, Bryan Kramer, Andrea Vahl, Brandon T. Adams amongst others.

NS: What do you do?

EC: I help business owners power up their online presence. This is done by helping them determine their ideal customer avatar, create a social media marketing plan and define their brand image.

NS: Tell us a bit about your journey.  EC: I spent many years in corporate America and after recent deaths in the family decided I didn't want my life to be spent working for someone else. So, I quit my job and traveled to Europe solo for 6 weeks. 

After returning, I decided to start my own business helping businesses with their social media. I had been volunteering for the Pancreatic Cancer Action Network as their social media person for a few years prior and was able to take that knowledge, along with my background in marketing to help business owners take control of their social media presence.  

NS: How has personal branding helped your business and/or career?  EC: Personal branding is crucial to any business or career. I've been able to use branding as a way of being recognized. I have branded myself as the go-to person for all things social media. This has helped me to be invited to speak on various stages around the country. In addition, I created the must-attend social media event here in Denver, CO - Social Media Day Denver

NS: What specific strategies or tactics do you utilize to maintain your personal brand?  EC: I brand EVERYTHING!

I am 100% my brand. I have incorporated my logo colors into everything. I wear my colors when I speak at events, I have my nails painted with those colors, it's on my water bottle I carry around along with my stickers with my logo on them. Occasionally, it will take someone a few minutes to realize, but once they do they see how I've branded everything. 

Another component of how I recommend maintaining your personal brand is to be your authentic self. Personally, I'm a fun, outgoing, energetic personality. Don't change yourself or try to be something you aren't in order to please others. 

NS: What challenges or obstacles have you faced along the way and how have you overcome them?  EC: The biggest challenge I've faced since starting my own company was trying to do it all. In the beginning, I didn't have the financial resources to hire tasks out and I found I was spending entirely too much time and energy on things I shouldn't be focused on.

Once I figured out I could make more income doing the things in my "brilliance zone" versus the things I didn't like I saw more success. 

My favorite advice I was given early-on is to "hire early and often." I probably didn't listen soon enough, but once I did, I realized how true this advice is. If I find myself spending too much time on something trying to figure it out - I stop and find an expert to help. 

NS: What are your secrets to success?  EC: I would say the biggest secret to success is to get out there and connect with people in real life. I think the key for me was meeting and building relationships with others in the community. Find a tribe of like-minded people who will lift you up and help you when needed. This includes people in similar industries, mentors and those who have walked this path before you. 

I believe in co-opetition. What this means is you can work with your 'competitors' in a way which is mutually beneficial. I have many people who could be viewed as my competition, however, we have found a way to refer to each other because we each have our strengths and weaknesses. I recommend finding those people and having conversations about how you can help each other be more successful. 

NS: Where can we find you online? 


NS: Anything else you’d like to add? EC: Not that I can think of. :) 


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