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How public speaking grows your personal brand

Regardless of your industry, what level you are in your career or what business you own, public speaking is one of the fastest and most effective ways for you to grow your personal brand.

Public speaking positions you as an expert.

Whether you're a corporate professional, consultant, non-profit executive, author, entrepreneur or work in the higher education industry, public speaking provides a platform for you to demonstrate your expertise on a particular topic in front of a room full of eyewitnesses! The more frequently you speak and the more consistent your message, the more you will become the subject matter expert on your topic.

Public speaking gives you more impact.

The number of people that you are able to reach through speaking can be immeasurable! When you are on stage you have a captive audience who is hungry to hear what you have to say or learn what you have to teach. As a speaker you are showing and telling at the same time—and this is powerful! The more engaged your audience is with your message, the more memorable it will be, and the more likely audience members will share your stories and they things they learned from you with others.

Public speaking helps you stand out.

The foundation of personal branding is to put you in a position that differentiates you from everyone else in your industry. With so much clutter on the Internet it is becoming more difficult to stand out. There are many strategies you can employ for your personal brand, but there are few that will put you on a separate playing field. Public speaking demonstrates your confidence, shows your knowledge and if you give a stellar performance, people will remember you!

No matter your profession public speaking is one of the most influential strategies you can add to your personal branding repertoire. It is a great way to position you as an expert, expand your impact and stand out from everyone else in your industry. What's holding you back?

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