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How to start a blog

Is one of your goals this year to FINALLY get that blog up and running?

It is well known that blogging is one of the best ways to start to build an online following and grow your personal brand. With the multitude of platforms available it's never been easier to get a blog up and running. Blogging helps grow your business, increase your Google equity and gives you the perfect outlet repurpose your content. Plus, no matter what your expertise is, and whether you are an entrepreneur or traditional professional, blogging is a great fit for you!

If you're looking to get that blog up and going here are 6 quick tips to get you started:

1. Choose A Topic

Obviously if you are starting a blog you will need to settle on a topic for your blog. Blogs can be about any topic under the sun and no topic is too niche. The main thing that you want to ensure when your narrowing down your topic is to choose something that you're interested in. Choose a blog topic that leverages your current skillset and expertise.

NOTE: I said TOPIC, not topics.

When you're just starting out you'll want to stay focused on one topic that you can build out into multiple categories. You want to make it as easy as possible for people to find your blog organically and get hooked.

2. Choose A Blogging Platform

When I started my first blog in 2008 there weren't many platforms available and they definitely were't as plug and play as they are now. Blogging platforms of today take away any need for you to know HTML or CSS (if you don't know what that is, it doesn't matter because you won't need it 😉).

With so many blogging platforms to choose from, I encourage you to choose one that feels right for you and will help you reach your goals. Now, of course if you already have a website, it makes sense to just integrate your new blog there, but only if it's on topic!

3. Find A Host

Now that you've chosen your topic and selected your platform, the next step is to find a host for your blog. What's a host, you ask? To put it simply, a host is a place on the Internet that provides space on its servers for you to keep your blog. There is typically a small fee involved...the good news is, that most blogging platforms today have their own host, so this step can be optional for you.

4. Choose Your Domain Name

This is where it gets fun! You'll probably need to spend some time searching to see if your domain name is available. I like to use to search for my domains.

When you're choosing your domain (that is, if you aren't integrating your blog into an already existing website) the best name is your name. The second best, is to associate your domain name with the topic of your blog. But remember, personal branding is all about building YOU, so keep that in mind as you choose your name.

5. Design Your Blog

If Step 4 was fun, then this Step is a whole entire PARTY 🎉🎉

This is the time to bring all the elements of your personality into your blog. This is the time for you to visually differentiate your blog from all the rest of the others in your niche. When you're designing your blog, choose colors that represent who you are, develop a unique logo and decide how you want the layout to be. Don't forget to add social share buttons to make it easy for your readers to share your articles!

6. BLOG Already!

Can I have a moment of transparency with you for a sec?

The most challenging thing about blogging isn't Steps 1-5. The hardest thing about blogging is BLOGGING!

I've already admitted to you that even I had a helluva time over the years trying to get back to blogging.

I find that most people have the same challenge. Once the honeymoon phase of having your very own blog wears off, it's up to you to continue to push through. It's up to you to stick to your posting schedule.

I'm going to give you a little tip:

The most successful bloggers STICK TO IT period

You aren't going to have 1,000,000 hits to your blog overnight, but I guarantee if you STICK TO IT you will gain traction. You will grow your business, you will increase your Google equity and you will grow your brand!

Do you have a blog already? Drop your URL down in the comments!


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